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Parent and School Communications


Weekly Classrooms Lesson Plans

The lesson plan will list the theme unit we are studying, letters, numbers, colors, vocabulary words and daily activities planned for that week.

Weekly Folders

Each class has a designated day of the week in which folders are placed in the front office for parents to pick up the contents of the folder. Included in the folders are your child's' work from the previous week.

Parents Conference

Our door is always open to parents and at any time should a parent feel the need for a parent conference we will gladly schedule a convenient time.

Management/Parent Communication

One of our primary responsibilities is providing our parents with excellent customer service. Excellent customer service we feel is achieved through proper communication, a listening ear and flexibility. We are here to serve you and at all times we are your direct contact for praise, issues or concerns regarding your child's' care and education.

Teachers/Parent Communication

The teacher/parent relationship is one of trust that builds over time. At ABC Academy our teachers are dedicated to the safety and development of our students. Teachers communicate daily with parents by a quick morning hello, accident reports, an afternoon greeting, special notes and parent conferences. Due to their responsibility of taking care of their class when children are arriving and leaving it is sometimes difficult for teachers to spend a lot of time with an individual parent (at the beginning or ending of a day). Teachers and management interact continuously throughout the day relaying information that may need to be shared with a parent. It is management's responsibility to discuss these detailed issues with parents on a daily basis. If a parent wishes for a longer discussion with their child's teacher we will gladly schedule a time for a parent conference.

Accident/Incidents Report

Young children are very active and accidents may sometimes happen. All teachers and management at ABC Academy are required to have their First Aid and Certified Pulmonary Resuscitation certification. For minor accidents, an "Accident Injury Report" placed at the front desk will notify parent. Department of Children and Families requires that the school documents all accidents and injuries and that the parents sign the form.

Front Office Notes

When necessary special notes will be placed on the front office desk, bulletin board or posted to front doors. It is important to be aware of this information, which generally is notifying parents of upcoming events, special activities and programs.

Classroom Parent Information Board

In each classroom there is a parent information board, generally by the door, used also to communicate with parents. Please check this on a daily basis.

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